Anita Eglitis: Co-founder

Anita is an economist by background, but has also studied science, engineering and law.

Anita Eglitis

She is passionate about tech and the Internet and about matters such as integrity and transparency in government and business.

Long ago, as a macroeconomist with the Commonwealth Treasury and later as ANZ Bank's senior international economist, she developed monetary and fiscal policies, drafted tax legislation and crunched large volumes of data (econometrics and macroeconomic forecasting). Her analytical interests included monetary policy, booms and busts in asset prices, and long-term shifts in global economies.

After a decade in economics, Anita moved into the fields of investment banking, major projects and civil infrastructure, holding various senior executive positions with the ANZ Bank and later the Victorian government's Department of Infrastructure. Her roles focused on strategic, commercial and contractual matters in relation to very large capital projects, as well as debt, equity and public financing of major infrastructure projects.

She also spent several years in the venture capital sector, focusing principally on the rigorous evaluation of technology investment opportunities on behalf of VC funds and private investors.

In 2006 Lloyd coaxed Anita to join his new start-up, - the first serious Software as a Service provider to the Australian Government. As CEO and later part-owner of eGov Pty Ltd, she continued to drive the company’s growth and profitability. She also personally did much of the technical work - e.g. designing and coding the complex LAN-based applications that interfaced to the internet system, continually redeveloping the database architecture and directly implementing a major technical replatforming of the servers and databases in 2010.

Techseeder is Anita's third start-up. All have been self-funded and profitable.

Anita's tertiary qualifications include an M.A. in economics from Cambridge University in England but she has also studied across a range of fields, including law and engineering at post-graduate level.

Anita is passionate about smart technology and thoroughly enjoys coding. Her first language was Fortran (learned during cold nights in the Cambridge University's stark computer laboratory in the 1980s), and she's been "doing technical stuff" ever since. Right now Lloyd and Anita are having fun immersing themselves in AI and machine learning.