Techseeder Pty Ltd was founded by Lloyd Bunting and Anita Eglitis in September 2011.

Prior to founding Techseeder, Lloyd and Anita had established eGov Pty Ltd in 2006, growing it from a start-up into a successful business that was profitable from its first week. eGov designs, builds and implements highly innovative e-government software and services for the Australian government. eGov’s best known product is, a leading-edge suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for the management of large public sector funding programs. The systems have successfully supported government programs with budgets exceeding $1 billion, funding more than 12,000 projects across Australia since 2005.

Entrepreneurs to the core, Lloyd and Anita were looking forward to new challenges and to the excitement of designing, building and growing new products and ventures. Techseeder is the vehicle through which these ideas are being implemented.

Techseeder is focused on smart, interesting and innovative web-based products - especially using social media, crowd-sourcing and mobile platforms - and on growing those products into lasting and successful businesses.

eGov Pty Ltd and continue to operate as part of the Techseeder portfolio.