Investing and developing the future of tech

Techseeder is a boutique Australian investment and software business focused on investing in and developing innovative, world-changing tech and AI businesses.

The investment arm of Techseeder supports and manages portfolios of listed tech stocks on behalf of affiliated entities, providing a range of services including economic analysis, board advice, data analytics and financial monitoring. We invest exclusively in tech and AI stocks listed on global markets in the US and, to a small extent, in Asia.

Techseeder's own business porfolio includes a number profitable and commercially successful companies and products we have founded and developed ourselves. They include two former companies - and its consulting arm, eGov Pty Ltd - which managed a number of very large ($100m+) grant programs on behalf of the Federal goverment under Australia's first eGovernment software-as-a-service contracts and which achieved unprecedented levels of efficiency, community satisfaction, transparency and integrity.

Our businesses are all bootstrapped, and aim to be profitable very quickly. We have our own investment funds from past ventures, which we use to seed and incubate our new ventures (and which are also potentially available to help fund any new products and businesses we choose to develop with other entrepreneurs and partners).

We have a number of new products under development in 2024, focused on the overlap betweeen fintech and AI.

Techseeder is keen to see Australian tech, science and engineering succeed on the global stage. We strongly encourage Australian founders who are striving to use AI and tech to tackle problems in important fields such as health, education and the environment. Although do not provide funding for startups, we are willing to invest our time to mentor aspiring startups (especially those with female founders) if their ideas have positive social impact, if we have good knowledge of the sector, and if the founders welcome our active involvement.

If you'd like to talk, feel welcome to contact Anita via LinkedIn.