We seed, incubate and grow innovative web technology businesses

Techseeder is a small Australian technology business focused on building innovative, world-changing, web-based products and businesses.

The Techseeder portfolio includes profitable and commercially successful businesses and products we have founded and run for several years, including egrants.com and eGov Pty Ltd.

Techseeder has a number of new commercial products under development, for release during 2020.

Our businesses are all bootstrapped, and aim to be profitable very quickly. We have our own investment funds from past ventures, which we're using to seed and incubate our new ventures (and which are also potentially available to help fund any new products and businesses we choose to develop with other entrepreneurs and partners).

We are also prepared to provide advice and support to high-potential young Australian tech companies if we like the founders, if we have good knowledge of the technology and the sector and if the founders welcome our active involvement in their business.

Techseeder is keen to support Australian entrepreneurship, and enjoys working collaboratively with others - especially founders, entrepreneurs, tech geeks and anyone else who is as passionate as we are about web technology and its potential to change the world for the better.

Contact Anita via LinkedIn or Twitter if you'd like to talk.